We are Outdoor Media Specialists

We are a professional team with more than 10 years of Out-of-Home advertising experience that strives to deliver customisable outdoor solutions for our clients of various industries that aim to engage with their target audiences. Not only that, we work closely with other marketing firms and media agencies to develop more creative ways to garner the power of the local out-of-home scene. We are always on the look out for opportunities because we just love what we do!

How do you establish a brand image if your audience have never heard of your company outside of the internet? 85% of companies state that billboard advertisements improve the long-term perception of their brands. Malaysians are on the road almost 35 minutes per day, which equals to around 213 hours a year! That means that there’s a massive opportunity for your brand to get noticed and to convert sales at strategic locations.

Establish a Brand Image with Out of Home Advertisements

How do we do it?

Reach your customers multiple times through multiple touch points encompassing high-traffic roads and highways

  • Increase the frequency of exposure to your advertisements
  • Increase brand recall in your customers’ minds
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Increase number of sales

Outdoor Marketing Services

We provide a variety of outdoor advertising solutions.

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